A variety of fresh breads

whole wheat ,baguette French and country breads will accompany each order.

Cheese Tray

Gouda, Bulgarian cheese, Mozzarella balls with olive oil, garlic and dill cream cheese, cream cheese with green olives


Greek Salad:
Lettuce, tomato, red pepper, yellow pepper, cucumber, black olives, Bulgarian cheese, olive oil
Quinoa Salad:
whole wheat ,baguette French and country breads will accompany each order.
Salad Nicoise:
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, yellow pepper, red pepper, hard boiled egg, potatoes, tuna, olive oil
Eggplant Salad:
Roasted eggplant, green onion, parsley, yellow pepper, radish, tomato, lemon juice, chili sauce, olive oil
Chef Salad:
Lettuce, mushroom, cranberries, fresh basil, tomato, yellow pepper, red pepper, olive oil (Extra 5 nis per person)
Cabbage salad:
Red and white cabbage with Balsamic vinaigrette

Main Course

Chef Yehoshua’s Quiche:
A choice of Mushroom, onion, broccoli
Focaccia bar:
Different types of focaccia with yellow cheese, Bulgarian cheese, mozzarella.
Pasta Penne:
With Portobello mushroom sauce and dried tomato
Fettuccini carbonara:
with smoked salmon
Italian Lasagna:
lasagna with soft white cheese, Bulgarian cheese ,mozzarella ,parmesan cheese
Stuffed croissant-

with tuna, yellow cheese, pesto, and mozzarella

Tortilla with vegetable-
and cheese stuffing, pesto and mozzarella
Baked shell-
with mushroom sauce,soft white cheese,and pesto
Spaghetti Cordevilla-
with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil leaves
Chef yehoshua’s Shakshuka

Cold Drinks

Mineral water, Coke cola, Coke zero,,Lemonade,, seltzer, sprite, juice

Hot Drinks

Coffee (instant and Turkish), tea (herbal and regular), milk

Dessert Corner

Cheese Cake
Tiramisu Torte
Black Forest Torte
Dulce de leche Torte
Chocolate Walnut Torte
Chocolate Mousse with walnuts
Crepe filled with nuts and chocolate sauce
Apple crumble
Coffee Cakes:
poppy seed, chocolate, cinnamon, or jam

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Cupcakes & Brownies

Additional Items

Lasagna Italiana –
choose from 4 cheeses, roasted vegetables, or mushroom
(cheese or mushroom) with alfrado sauce or tomato basil sauce
Focaccia Bar-
A variety of focaccia breads with mozzarella, Bulgarit, parmesan and yellow cheeses
Pasta Station –
Penne or Fettuccine pasta with your choice of sauces: pesto, Alfredo, or cherry tomatoes
Potato Gratin –
Potatoes and sweet potatoes with Béchamel sauce and grated cheese
Vegetarian Moussaka
Pancakes –
with maple syrup and chocolate
Omelet bar-
fresh on the spot
Salmon with herbs

Smoked Salmon
Stuffed Eggplant
with tuna and mozzarella cheese
Mini corn schnitzel with spicy sauce
Grape leaves stuffed with white cheese
Grape leaves stuffed with cheese and walnuts
Jumbo platter with 8 kinds of cheese
Wine served at each table by a waiter
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